[Hubert Clemons – home movies] Reel 3

One of several reels of film that depicts a group of school teachers on a seven week University of Maine sponsored bus tour of the U.S., which started and ended at Orono, Maine. Intertitle: “Marineland”, Seals and dolphins in above ground pools, and show with dolphins at Mareineland of the Pacific in Los Angeles County, California. Views of town of San Juan Capistrano, California with tourist attractions and mission gardens and birds. Views of border with Mexico, bustling town of Tijuana, Mexico, including open market, Jai Alai facility, street traffic, and motel pool. Intertitle: “Grand Canyon”. Views of Native Americans doing a tribal dance for tourists. Views overlooking canyon. Man standing at rail is Hubert Clemons. Signs and views of Mohave Point, Meteor Crater, Rainbow Forest Museum, Giant Logs, Rim Drive. Views of Santa Fe, NM (no intertitle), including views of town, La Fonda Hotel, historic church, town square, hotel pool. Intertitle: “Taos, N.M.”. Views of Pueblo, church, Native Americans decorating clay pots. Intertitle: “Texas”. This is commercial footage purchased by the creator and spliced into this reel of a rodeo in the Amarillo area. Intertitle: “Oklahoma”. Views of oil wells, cavern, Jesse James hideout, motorboat trip on river. Intertitle: “Kentucky”. Views of horse farm Sign for Jamestown, VA ruins, and commercial footage purchased by the creator and spliced into this reel of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, showing the 18th century capital of Virginia, including various historic buildings, and re-enactors at work. (no intertitle) Intertitle: “Washington D.C.” Views of Capitol from Pennsylvania Avenue, views of south front of White House, front of Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln statue, long view of Washington Monument from the Mall.