[Hubert Clemons – home movies] Reel 1

Intertitle: “U.S. Tour H.W. Clemons” and view of U.S. map showing route of tour. Clemons joined a group of school teachers on a seven week University of Maine sponsored bus tour of the U.S, which started and ended at Orono, Maine. Intertitle: “Cannon Mt. N.H.” shows gondola rising up mountain and docking. Intertitle: “Fort Ticonderoga, N.Y.” with signage explaining historical significance and views of the fort. Intertitle:” Niagara Falls, N.Y.” shows views of the various falls. Intertitle: “Dearborn, MI” shows the historic buildings and sites of the Henry Ford Museum at Greenfield Village. Intertitle: “Chicago, IL” shows the locks on Lake Michigan, day and night streetscapes, and views of the skyline. Intertitle: “Iowa” shows cornfields. Views of Boys Town, Nebraska (no intertitle) Intertitle: “South Dakota” shows Corn Palace at Mitchell, Mt. Rushmore National Monument, Badlands National Monument, Cedar Pass Overlook Intertitle: “Rapid City, S.D.” shows dinosaur park with statues. Intertitle” Custer State Park” [MT] shows wildlife and scenics. Intertitle: “Yellowstone” shows Old Faithful geyser in action, Firehole Cascades, Fountain Paint Pot, Gibbon Falls, Minerva Spring, Tower Fall, Continental Divide