[Helen V. Bird–home movies] Reel 7

Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer’s notes, 1/96 (donor’s notes in quotes; reel numbers are NHF-assigned): Reel 7: ‘1954 & 55.’ Playing in the snow. Coasting (13:09). Preteen boys with mortarboard (13:40). Singing. In actor costumes too. Gal with parasol. With boat. Bunch in sailor hats saluting (13:40). Bus unloading. trip to Boston?. Picnic at science museum. Charles River. Bridges. Chaperones (15:36). State Washington (16:20). Art Works (16:44). Duck. Swan boats at Boston Gardens (16:57). Another Wedding(s?). Leaving (17:00). More Costumed kids. Like cats. At school? (18:30). And dancing. Elementary kids. And games (23:02). Girl doing a hula. In costume other danced and costumes (23:53).