[Harvard Forest Films] Reel 26

Footage of a forest fire starting from sunlight magnified by a glass bottle and fire fighters putting out the resulting blaze with intertitles. Footage of forest fires and fire fighters attempting to put them out with intertitles. Footage of fire fighters using and monitoring various instruments with intertitles. A shot of a fire truck leaving the station. Footage of the Falmouth Fire Tower, including a man watching for fires, the view from the tower, shots of two signs that read “Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Conservation Falmouth Fire Tower Elev. 230 ft. Visitors Welcome Be Careful of Fire Estb. 1914 Ernest L. Dean Commissioner” and “Fire in Progress Positively No Admittance” and intertitles. A few shots of a man spotting a forest fire. A few shots of firemen on a fire truck heading out with intertitles. Footage of various forest fires with intertitles. A few shots of firemen fighting a forest fire. A shot of a sign that reads “Prevent Forest Fires” . Donor Notes: “Various Scenes Forest Fires II – including Cape Cod and Plymouth” Notes on can: “Part I – 14315-10 KO Dupe 382 UK Forest Fires II”