Dude ranch vacation–Robert N. Lupfer–home movies. Reel 7

Boy in cap on bridge in city. The visit to a dude ranch may be a guest ranch near Wickenburg, AZ, as the following reel includes the Remuda Ranch Rodeo held in Wickenburg. Dude ranch views: people on horses, by cabins, at corral. Out riding including view of crossing river on horseback. Too-fast pan of ranch and hillside. Dark images of river, someone standing on a rock and fishing. Various people fishing, including a young woman in a head wrap who smiles at camera. Boy in overalls and sombrero with others outside cabin. Lawnmower pulled by horse with a second man holding it. Large party of guests depart on horseback. Cowboy show at the ranch: Riders at a gallop. Polo-playing in a field, looks chaotic. Horse race where riders must sit on a box at the end, these must be cowboys, not guests. Roping, broncho riding. Views of buildings, then an aerial shot of the ranch from an overlook. Various views of guests preparing to go on a ride. Very good views of Western small-town parade. Parade with Indians on horseback and walking. A float with Indians. Cowboys. Street has Furniture sign, Mutual Motor Co., Crescent Bar. Horse with travois and two children riding on it. Man riding a cow. Floats include people dancing. Man in ten gallon hat directing traffic. Rodeo, views from the stand. Views of the stand. Dusty.