[Camp Chewonki] Reel 1

Boys on jungle gym, waving to camera. Campers in shirts with Cs on them. Wrestling. Round Top Farms cows and pasture. Fields with cows. Farm men gathering hay in horse-drawn wagon. One man driving a tractor gathers mown grass for pick-up. Campers dressed with scarves on head play follow the leader (theatrical, arms waving, dancing, etc.). Campers pose in a line. Campers dressed up and acting like pirates (snarling, looking mean). A little boy eats an ice cream cone with a scarf on his head. Hayride in horse-drawn wagon. Leap frog in a field. A large ship on the water and view of shoreline from the ship. Sailboats. Man holding a boy who waves to the camera. Flamingos and birds at what appears to be a resort. Busy street with crowd of people and what appears to be a funeral march. Little boy stands in front of sign that reads: Canadian Pacific Cruise the Duchess of Bedford. Nassau. 6 March 1932. View of marketplace on shore (Bahamas). Views of cruise ship. Boy with bat tries to hit a ball. Campers in white hats with packs, hiking. Loading packs into cars. A knot being tied. Swimming. Boys dressed in white outfits singing. Boys in dresses singing. A play of some sort, boy in dress acts opposite a boy dressed as a sailor. Diving and swimming. Shot of another knot being tied. Baseball. Sailing. Boys in costumes.