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Teenage boy polishing and washing car by house, shirtless boy plays with dog, mother rubs boy’s back and teases him while he plays with dog, adult male (father?) stands on head, does somersault while running toward camera, balances croquet mallet on right index finger, woman hanging out underwear on clothesline, picks sprigs from bushes flanking house, VS dog playing, including running around yard with shoe in mouth, man (father?), younger boys and young man in Army uniform tossing around a baseball on lawn near large building, could be schools or military building, young male soldier in uniform and young woman kissing for camera, boy (with shirt this time) and father playing with dog in yard as before, father holding dog in arms and holding dog looped around his neck, 2 teen boys playing croquet in yard, mother also playing, lots of croquet footage, physical byplay between dad, mom, son and dog, big dog mouthing puppy, 2 dogs play, little boy beating on little girl, another boy comes and pulls him off, 2 girls and 2 boys playing, wrestling and pushing each other off their feet, somersaults, posing for camera, CU dog, woman tries to get dog to jump for treat, VS CU dog eating treats, teen boy working on car, smaller boy comes over to take a look, boy, older boy and young woman all get into car, all walking dog and walking by camera, posing, father (now in Army uniform) takes picture of cameraperson, VS family and dog sitting around picnic table