Vacationing on Lake Traun, Gmunden, Austria

Outside, a sign reads “Schloss Pension: Freisitz Roith” (a famous historic hotel on the Traunsee [Lake Traun] in Gmunden, Austria). Scenes of an estate at the end of a long scenic road, where children run about and peer over a railing to the view of Lake Traun with mountains surrounding it. They run back into the house. 01:05:11 Eva Schur stands on a man-made pathway, watching swans on the lake in front of her. Motorboats pass by. 01:05:30 Girls play with dolls, boys swim, mother crochets. A rowboat with everyone aboard, along with a new woman in glasses. The boat is landed and chained by the young boys. They get changed out of their wet clothes. 01:07:43 Two infants lie in a baby carriage. Their mother, and the children, entertain the babies. 01:07:53 Swimming, various scenes of the children playing in the water