Unger family visits their Jewish relatives in a Polish village

A young boy, Sy Unger, wrestles and kicks a dog in a field. Kalman Unger (man with a long beard) walks throughout the village. CU of the brick house the Ungers live in, a source of pride in a town where most houses are made of mud. Camera pans over the small town of Niebylec, Poland. Cows are led past the camera. A small boy (cousin) slides down a little hill barefoot. Kalman’s second wife walks by the camera in a kerchief. A well dressed man pumps water from a well. People sit together on a bench. Sy performs tricks with an umbrella for the camera. A child rocks on a swing in a park in the forest. Pan over a field. Kalman stands with his son Morris (in a fedora), Morris’ wife Ethel, and Sy as they look through a book. A man in a cap carries two buckets of water, he was known as ‘Yankel, the town idiot’. The Unger family stands outside together, smoking and talking. Ethel looks down at them from a balcony. Kalman and Morris walk arm in arm. 01:06:41 Townspeople walk out of a kosher meat market (Spazedaz Miesa Josef Steinmetz). Children stand around a big car that the American Ungers (Morris, Ethel, and their two boys Robert and Sy) board for departure. Ethel stands with Kalman’s wife (in a babushka) and Yankel