Unger family bids farewell to relatives in Polish village

Grainy footage of the Polish Ungers standing by the sitting American Ungers. The little Unger cousins peer at the camera and roam about. Camera pans over the forest in the BG and lumber in the FG. 01:25:47 Monument in the middle of the village of Niebylec. The local constable walks by the camera. A man carrying a sack walks by with a cow;it is Market Day. Kalman Unger walks up a hill towards the camera. Livestock among the townspeople. A woman sells bread out of her wagon. Morris sits among children. A woman stands on the balcony rocking a baby. The Ungers prepare to leave and drive to Cracow as the entire town bids them farewell. A bouquet is presented. View of the Ungers house, windows. CU of Yankel as someone snatches his hat. Sy says goodbye. 01:30:43 Kalman and Morris share a tender goodbye, embracing for the last time. The American Ungers board their ship in Rotterdam with luggage. The ship departs. A plane flies over the ocean. CU of Sy Unger