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Pan slowly up to a Hitler Youth Flag waving. A mountain range is visible. 00:01:15 A Hitler Youth organizer meets with members outside the Salzburg train station prior to leaving for camp. The boys carry suitcases. Sign by the road with “HJ Fuehrerschule Groedig 1km” and a two-toned diamond with a swastika. Scenes of the camp at Groedig and mountain landscape from above. 00:02:00 The boys pile out of the bus and are arranged into groups. Boys carry uniforms out of the administration building. The algiz rune, a symbol Nazis used as a celebration of the history of German language, is displayed prominently on the door. 00:02:47 A doctor examines one of the youth members. The boys are woken up at 6:00 am and lined up for exercises and training. Boys exercising. 00:05:52 HJ throwing mock hand grenades. 00:06:11 HJ playing Battle ball (Kampfball).;00:06:25 Quick sequence in Munich, German soldiers drive past the cathedral. They march in Karolinenplatz by the large, metal-plated obelisk. Nazi propaganda hangs from houses and buildings. The NSDAP established a remote government location in the neighborhood?s Brown House as early as 1930, the building was destroyed by Allied air bombs late in the war.;00:06:59 Back in the mountains at Groedig camp, Hitler Youth members are taught to use compasses, maps, and guns. The boys march under a sign reading “elementary shooting space” on their way to target practice. 00:09:19 The boys work outdoors staking plots and digging. Older members of the Hitler Youth and their commanders hike up a mountain. They reach the summit mount and picnic. 00:11:07 Back at camp, the bare-shirted men sing and play a guitar and a zither. 00:12:17 Hitler Youth lay a wreath on a grave (from the cemetery built during WWI holding mostly Russian POWs and some Austrian war dead) and salute. The battalion commanders in uniform shake men’s hands (in civilian dress)