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INT, meeting of the Third Congress of the She’erit ha-Pletah in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. Shots of Jewish DPs (orthodox and secular) in attendance, the press, voting, speakers, and the stage with featured participants. Spectators touring a photograph exhibition. 01:02:53 Short dark sequence of Yizkor ceremony, followed by more images of the exhibition, including CUs of dolls. 01:04:18 Participants at Congress lunch, large round tables with white tablecloths, waiters serving food, DPs eating, CU of “Bar” sign. 01:06:17 City street scene with DPs, cars. MS, building with US and Israeli flags. CU, sign, “III Kongress 1948 / Registration Buro / Villa Morgenrot / Salzburgerstr. 45” DPs in queue outside door, waiting to get in. 01:07:41 More shots of photo exhibition and Yizkor ceremony. INT, VAR shots of meeting again, spectators, including women, man setting up movie camera, and lecturers