Second Unger family visit to Polish village

The Unger family and townspeople stand around a car in the village of Niebylec. They stand in a group with Yankel;Morris sports a straw hat. Sitting in a car, Ethel poses with Kalman. The family departs in a buggy to visit friends in the countryside. The family is greeted by their friends. CU of Kalman and his friend conversing. 01:12:19 HAS, people gathering to go to synagogue. Men dressed in religious garb. Little children stand in the courtyard looking up at the camera, shooting from inside the window of a house. Ethel in a long dark coat and light dress and Sy stand together and look up at the camera. The Ungers stand together with their little cousins. Good CUs of Kalman, Sy, Ethel, and Morris. The Ungers in a field. Camera tracks people walking throughout the village, headed toward synagogue