Riding the merry go round and walking along gardens in prewar Netherlands

Mother Sophia de Groot’s sister Esther, her husband Max van der Stam, and their son Freddy visited Arnhem probably in 1937. The entire family rides a carousel in a city park. 01:21:30 CU from behind of Max, the man with a hat, watching the carousel go around. In another round, the riders include one of Sophia’s sisters, Mietje Vigevano and her small white dog Tippy, next to Freddy, cousin Henny, and Louis.;01:21:53 Crowds of people moving along sculpted flower gardens in Sonsbeek in summer 1940. Cut to a brief glimpse of a different park outing with Sophia walking the family’s small black dog. Back to Sonsbeek gardens in bloom with the teahouse in the BG. 01:22:29 Newborn baby in a carriage, then CUs as it is held by mother. Flowers in the park again