Postwar: Verdoner children emigrate to the US on a ship

CU, Yoka and Francisca Verdoner on the deck of a ship SS Gripsholm bound for the USA. This footage was shot post war, the Verdoner children were hidden children. Their mother Hilde was deported to Auschwitz and perished during the war. CU, all three Verdoner children arm in arm on deck- Francisca, Yoka and Otto. MCU, Otto on deck, he is playing with what looks like a piece of 35mm film(?). There are some instances of overexposure on this reel of film. Yoka moving about on deck. Panning shot of the ship’s mast and various displaced persons on deck- there are men, women and children aboard this ship. VS, Otto walking around the deck, he stops to pose for his CU. Yoka on deck reading a book. Francisca on deck. More shots of the ship’s mast and the ocean ahead. Otto walking among the pulleys and lines on deck. A view through the porthole. VS, LSs, the ocean and the waves. 08:06:15 LS, the three Verdoner children on the street in front of a house in the USA, unidentified location.;08:06:28 New reel: Gerrit Verdoner and a woman sit on a bench talking. VS, on the streets of NYC with several men and women (friends, relatives, fellow DPs?). There is a sign on one of the buildings that indicates it is the Bamberger’s department store. VS, on different city streets, men and women posing for the camera, unidentified. Signs for bus stops, etc. This is one of the last times that all three Verdoner children are together with their father. In 1947, Gerrit Verdoner died of a heart attack, the three children were separated and sent to individual families in the USA