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Home movies filmed during the liberation of Germany. Chicken in grass. Milt Ramoy talking, with Earl Soltan, a German woman, and other soldiers. Milt with a typewriter. 03:59:24 Bombed rubble of German village, remains of buildings. LS, field, convoy of military vehicles. Tank traps built by the Germans line the fields to prevent US tanks from crossing, CUs, called “Dragon’s Teeth.” 04:00:15 Devastated, bombed German town, gray ashen buildings. Milt poses in front of buildings, moving through town. LS, field of mines. Military convoy/jeeps, yellow sign for Ohrdruf, ruins of town, dead horse, smoke rises from hill in the distance. 04:02:28 Pan, male corpses lined up on ground in wooded area near Neunberg, Germany. VAR shots, civilians burying the dead in plain wood coffins. Men walking, carrying coffins, marching past civilians with more coffins lining the dirt road. Women crying and wiping eyes, carrying coffin, walking and crying. 04:03:53 Four young civilian boys carrying coffin. Civilians gathered in field before parading through village street with coffins [seen from a distance] to the cemetery. 04:04:48 Rifle practice with Sgt. Tulio Fuligni. Milt on motorcycle in field outside Regensburg, tent camp, airplane demonstration, Milt with hardhat, sunset. 04:07:30 Aerial views of Mauthausen sub-camps in Passau, Germany and intense bombing, craters. 04:08:55 Bombed Hitler’s home at Berchtesgaden, various views of the damage, mountains, Milt with his still photograph camera, bombed structures, sunset. 04:10:38 Film continues in Innsbruck in black and white. Soldiers breaking for lunch on hillside, eating, waving to camera. Milt poses in river, waterfalll, villa in mountains. Street scene in Innsbruck, traveling on cable car, feeding sheep on mountain top, photographing a boy, Milt. Traveling by vehicle through the Brenner Pass in Italy, welcome sign, Milt pointing out “Italia” carved in marble post. 04:14:00 Military convoy crosses border, damage to city of Munich, street scenes, passing downed German planes in fields along the road, ferrying equipment across river