Reel 2.;Intertitle: Market Days – Monday and Friday. Crowds mill about town square (fuzzy) on market day. 02:07:03 One of the visiting Americans buys a chicken from a vendor. Carts, cows, automobiles at the marketplace on the main square (across from the Klein family’s shop). People walk towards camera. Buying and selling material. Shops in BG. Carts pass, followed by women. 02:07:50 Brief scene of Sommer-Klein family members walking towards the camera in alley. Crowds in town square for market days, walking toward and past camera. “Jakob Grossman”, a leather goods shop (Bernard and Emery’s mother was Jacob Grossman’s sister) from a distance with a cart with hay in front of the store. The American relative in a dark suit walks towards the camera in front of another shop, “Bernath Handler.” Townspeople in front of shops in Humenne. Square, shops, cats, cows, people. Well-dressed men on streets, three women in white dresses pass. The family’s “Hermann Klein” truck parked on the main street. Walking in the town streets again, well-dressed