Frieders travel home via China

The Frieder family stops over in Hong Kong (like the brief shot in Tape 2956 at 00:02:46) – Corinne and the children ride in rickshaws, locals in the street. The Frieder family tours a park with massive Buddha statue. More street scenes with locals. 01:08:52 Rickshaws with the Frieders. Crowds next to a large docked ocean cruiser with confetti. Pan of ships in the harbor, glimpse of an American flag on the large ship, and parked rickshaws and automobiles on the dock. The cruiser departs, confetti breaks, people wave. 01:10:54 Morris Frieder shakes hands with men. Two young women and some Filipino men pose for the camera. People wave at the camera from below on the ship’s dock. Frieder children swim in a pool on the ship’s deck. 01:11:53 Corinne and Alice are carried in a sedan chair on vacation. Top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong with large cargo ships and the city below.;01:12:39 Alice, Edna, Louise, and Corinne walk down the stairs toward the backyard of their home in Manila. 01:12:50 Very brief shot of Edna with a still photo camera