By Frieder Family Collection, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, , , ,

The Frieder family on holiday. Women pose with Jane and Peggy on a mountain, probably in Hawaii. Pan of the ocean vista and city below, probably Honolulu. 00:00:29 Two adult couples lounge outdoors. The girls and their mother Julia pose before going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. Jane and Peggy on a ship deck with flowered leis around their necks. Smoke stacks from other boats are visible behind the rail of the ship deck. 00:01:21 People aboard an ocean cruiser. Shores. Someone dives from the boat. 00:02:14 Jane, Peggy, and Julia wear heavy coats on the ship deck. Other Frieder family members walk towards camera on deck.;00:02:30 The girls play outside near a large gate, probably in Yokohama, Japan. 00:02:46 Very brief street scene with shop signs, probably in Hong Kong (see similar shots of same street at 01:08:19 in Tape 2965). Julia and the girls ride in rickshaws. Cut to a crowded ship dock and other ships in a harbor. 00:03:43 A toddler dressed in a winter coat and hat cries. Pan of landscape from the ship – ocean, islands, mountains. A different view from above of a city with a busy harbor, probably Hong Kong. 00:05:08 Jane and Peggy swim in the pool on the ship deck. Their parents, Morris and Julia, watch and join in the pool