Family visits blossoming tulips

People visit sprawling tulip fields, probably near Lisse, Netherlands, Dutch flags affixed to a sign in the field. Ellis and her friend Hetty Winkel with an automobile behind them. 01:11:43 Brief view of toddler Hester (Hesje) Jas in a backyard garden, followed by more shots and closeups of the beautiful and colorful flowers (city in background). 01:12:15 Elisabeth Jas pushes a baby Hesje in a stroller. 01:12:24 Ellis, in the red dress as pictured earlier in Story RG-60.1373, near a flowering tree.;Hester (b. February 15, 1938) was later killed at Sobibor with her mother Elisabeth Querido Jas on June 11, 1943. Hetty Winkel (b. November 10, 1922), the niece of Elisabeth Jas, went into hiding and kept a diary. She was betrayed and deported via Westerbork to Dorohucza, where she was killed on November 30, 1943