Family poses for camera; city square

Reel 4.;Women and children from the Sommer and Klein families in alley and doorway of house, they walk towards the camera. Some gather in BG (VQ: fuzzy). Children and women in a group. CU, children slowly walk towards camera. 02:00:43 Pan (left to right), men posing (all in suits, hats, overcoats), glimpse of an automobile next to them. Women and children at family’s storefront, pan (left to right) of sign, “Houstinec, Sommer.” Man and boy alley (same as before) walk towards camera in an alley. Other members of the family walk towards camera as well, including women, children, and cameraman. 02:01:49 Pan (up and down) of windows on a building. Children pose in a field, horses and trees are visible. Other family members also in field. Family poses for the camera in streets lining the city square. Women walk past and towards the camera, shops and square in BG. More family members walk towards camera and wave. 02:03:47 Peasant women and children in field, huts in BG. Women with kerchiefs are dressed in white, posing with a cow. In town, the Klein and Sommer family members in an alley (repeat sequence of walking towards the camera). They smile and laugh