Family business; market; shops

Reel 3.;Marketplace in Humenne with tents and shops. The Klein family’s shop was located across from this market. Peasants from the local villages traveled to Humenne on Mondays and Fridays to sell their wares. Local policemen pose for the camera with one of the American relatives (in a dark suit and hat). Cousins stand before their leather goods shop owned by uncle Jacob Grossmann (Bernard and Emery’s mother was Jacob Grossman’s sister). Pan up to sign on store: “Jakob Grossmann. Obchod Kozou.” Carts with horses and people pass through streets of village. 01:15:32 Hermann Klein’s brick-making factory. Smoke stack. Pan up and down, sign on family store: “Moric Sommer.” People in street, in front of store. Cows let out of wagon by men. Cut to market scenes. Well-dressed man at entrance to store. Cows in street/market. Full of people. Tents/market. Cart pulled by cow passes. Tents. People selling and buying material. Overview, pan, square. Lots of people. CU, family truck, “Hermann Klein.” One American uncle walks along the town street towards the camera, followed by others. MS, shop from a distance (could be one of the family businesses). Cart with hay passes. Two men and women stand in front of shop with “Thymolin” advertisement