East Prussia; Tannenberg Memorial; summer resort

“Kurhaus Nikolaiken” sign along the water in East Prussia. Film is heavily scratched. Traveling in a boat, woman standing on bridge. 01:10:06 The Tannenberg Memorial in Hohenstein where Hindenburg was buried in 1934. Various shots of the complex with two large statues of soldiers, wreaths. Tourists wander around. Brief shot of HJ boys exiting doorway of memorial. 01:11:21 Painted German eagle on EXT of restaurant, civilians (tourists?) gathered around. Cemetery with gravesites, crosses. 01:12:12 Beach resort (Ruegen?). Crowds sunbathe, walk along the boardwalk, dine at cafes. CU, naval officer with German eagle insignia. Boats, Nazi flag, people swimming in the ocean, lunching on the boardwalk. 01:13:34 Pan of administrative building. German officer greeting camera, smoking, waving (Is this the same person shown earlier?). View from patio, riverside, trees