Dachau; US military advance in Germany and Belgium

(black and white) LS of a field surrounded by wire fencing, inmates moving about, a watch tower is visible in FG, it is difficult to discern where these inmates are as the people are not very visible in LS. Large open field with mountains in BG. Plane flies overhead. Camera pans to road, two women in civilian dress are walking along the road carrying luggage, they are seen only from behind. The camp’s proximity to the main road. Two US soldiers along road, get out of a “HQ1” vehicle and look at destroyed railway carriages, there are many of them, it seems to be an adandoned or destroyed railyard. 01:01:42 Road, destroyed buildings, cars, tank, upside down military vehicles. 01:03:10 Sign, “Liege 56K, Houffalize 15K” Destroyed car, trees. A local woman rides by on a bicycle. Unidentified town on river bank, VS of cranes at shipyard along river bank. More shots of destroyed railway carriages. 01:04:49 US soldiers resting, seated, and also milling about on river bank, more shots of manicured streets, houses, four US soldiers are walking towards a large two-to-three story building.;01:05:34 (color) LS, of a large complex of buildings, shots are underexposed.;01:05:49 (black and white) From plane, pan of town and surrounding mountains, CU of US soldier in cockpit, flying plane.;01:09:57 (color) field. Sign for Munich. 01:10:50 VS, panning inside of railcars, there are corpses in striped uniforms as well as debris inside the railcars “OFF LIMITS” is painted on the side of one of the cars. This is the death train discovered by American troops on April 29, 1945. The train consisted of 30 rail cars with nearly 5,000 prisoners who had been evacuated from Buchenwald in the last days of the war. Camera pans two US soldiers standing guard at a long line of rail cars, another CU inside car, a camp inmate is lying, curled in ball, with his back to the camera, wearing a striped uniform. MS, a pile of wooden coffins, pan to stacks of corpses. 01:11:48 Soldier photographing inside a room full of corpses, while screen right a prisoner in a striped uniform looks at a pile of corpses. Cut to scenes in the town outside of the camp, destroyed buildings, civilians riding along street on bicycles, a man with a white armband rides along on his bicycle as a line of US army vehicles drives by, more scenes of bombed out buildings. German civilians (women and children) pushing their belongings on a wooden cart through the streets, US military tanks, jeeps, supply vehicles and the “HQ1” car move out of the town