By The de Groot Family Collection, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, , , , , , , , ,

Rachel and cousin Henny Cohen spent the summer of 1941 at the farm of Steef and Bertha van der Pol in Zwartebroek when vacation opportunities for Jews were severely limited. Bertha had been the children’s nanny before 1936/7. Louis and his parents visited Rachel one day, along with cousin Florence de Groot, who spent her summer vacation with the de Groots in Arnhem while her father was in jail.;The children, older now, play at a farm outdoors. Louis pulls Florence in a wagon, with a string attached to the wagon and to his belt, he plays the horse. The de Groot family is walking about, in clogs. Pigs and cattle are walking about. Good MS, Rachel and Henny pose for the camera while trying to stand up straw. The others, including Louis with glasses and the farmer’s son William, wave to the camera while in the straw. A woman, Bertha?, milks a cow with no bucket. A man, Steef?, brings two buckets on a board on his shoulders. Rachel milks the cow. Henny milks the cow. Louis milks the cow. They carry the buckets back, with some of the children trying to do it. Then everyone skips towards the camera. Cousin Florence sits on a rock, chickens in the BG, and pretends to smoke a cigarette. Louis pulls more children around in the wagon once more. Children chasing after calves. They feed the cattle, and Florence attempts to lead a cow by a string attached to the cow’s horns. The children, then Louis, pretend to milk the cow