Berlin street scenes (1936 Olympics)

Various shots of Berlin street scenes during the 1936 Olympics. Olympic rings, banners. CU, statue. Flags. Sign: “Der Gruessen, Die Gaeste, Der Welt.” Olympic rings. Flags. Torch, flame. Flags. Motorcade. Double-decker bus. Decorations erected in Berlin for Olympic ceremonies. Underground subway station. Flags. Putting flags up. Band playing. Crowd. Bicycles. Torch. MCU, street scene. Flags. Shot of street through reflection on automobile headlight. Auto traffic. CU, license plates. CUs, cars moving slowly, shot at street level (tires). Policeman directing traffic. Civilians walking, CUs feet/shoes. Auto traffic. Cars parked. Street, signs. Cameramen. Civilians. More street scenes, traffic moving. “Olympischer Platz.” Crowds. Tram. “Reichssportfeld.” Clearing garbage off streets. Statue