Views from INT airship. Aerial shots of rivers, countryside, lakes. 01:03:49 Group of boys looking out observation tower windows. More aerial views. Night scenes, lights. Car driving on highway (NJ 40 N). People gathered to greet airship landing in Lakehurst, NJ at Naval Air Center. Many wearing white caps, together holding a large metal pole. This may be one of the ten commercial transatlantic passenger flights of the LZ-129 Hindenburg Zeppelin taken in 1936. 01:06:37 Man with white cap (sailor?) waving to camera. 01:06:54 Group waving to camera, arms in the air. MS, Naval air center, INTs. Several well-dressed men and women pose for the camera, a Western Union/American Airlines sign can be seen above and behind them. 01:07:39 LS, good view of the airship in a field. Pan of building with automobiles out front