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The location of the first scene may be Pervomaysk, which Pauline Baerwald Falk, Myron Falk Jr., and Evelyn Morrissey visited on June 7 (see Biographical/Historical Notes field for the background on this trip.). Pervomaysk was the location of an Agro-Joint sponsored colony of Jewish farmers. A group of young children and their minders pose for the camera and play in the open air. One child holds up a book. CU of a child looking into the camera. Two horses tow a wagon piled high with hay. Houses are visible in the background. LS of several people standing in front of a house. The camera pans down to a young boy who smiles at the camera. CU of the hands of a young girl holding a book. Several small children peer at the camera and wave.;A bald man in a white shirt removes a rail from a wooden fence and throws it to the ground. Men tend to a well that is pumping water out of the ground. This may be in Ratenstadt in the Kolay district, another Agro-Joint colony, which the Falks and Morrissey visited on June 8. Evelyn Morrissey writes that they visited a well there and that Mr. Falk, who was an engineer, and Yefim Lubarsky, vice-president of the Agro-Joint, discussed technicalities with another man (Mr. Raskin? Or his assistant, Zaitchik?). Pauline Baerwald Falk (wearing a plaid shirt and a head scarf) rinses her hands with water from a pipe in front of the well. Lubarsky walks into the shot and the camera pans up to his face. Two other men work on the well. Pauline Baerwald Falk runs across a field toward the camera. A man fills buckets of water from the gushing pipe.;01:02:31 Evelyn Morrissey holds a still photo camera and talks to the person shooting the footage. The camera pans along a line of young children who sit on a ledge in front of a house. CU of a boy who stares at the camera while a man (presumably his father) holds him. More shots of the children. Yefim Lubarsky exits a house. A group of children and adults, including Evelyn Morrissey, walk away from a house. Children peer out from behind a fence. A vineyard with people working, filmed from a moving vehicle. More shots of the vineyard. Lubarsky was responsible for introducing grape growing to the Ago-Joint colonies. Pauline Falk, then Evelyn Morrissey climb up a ladder. View of the man in the white suit and a farmer in the vineyard, shot from atop the ladder. Pauline Falk climbs down the ladder and makes faces at the camera. CU of the man in the white suit and the farmer. Myron Falk takes a picture of a man working in the field. A woman in a dress and a bandana tends the field and three men examine the crop. Dr Lubarsky talks to several men in the field while Evelyn Morrissey stands nearby with her camera. Dr. Lubarsky picks flowers in a field and gives some to Pauline Baerwald Falk and some to Evelyn Morrissey. The group, including the bald man from an earlier scene, the man in the white suit and hat (either Raskin or Zaitchik?), and Pauline Falk and Evelyn Morrissey, stand around the car next to a field. The bald man wipes down the car with a cloth. Another shot of Evelyn Morrissey and Pauline Falk holding the flowers