By Capt. Beatrice B. Wacther Collection, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, , , , , , , ,

The 51st Field Hospital campsite in a dusty landscape, probably in France. They laugh and tease one another as they walk along the road. A plane flies low to the ground. LS, pan of tent camp grounds with some military men, vehicles, and wooden stakes (gravesites?).;01:09:17 Large ships docking close to the Normandy shore on June 12, 1944. People wait and unload boats. The 51st Field Hospital nurses arrived at the Normandy beaches on D-Day plus 6 (June 12, 1944). 01:09:28 Beatrice waves to the camera by a tent.;Pan of a campsite with grass after the Normandy invasion, probably in the summer 1944. Men walk toward camera, joke and pretend to fight one another. One holds up artwork. Another plays with the unit’s puppy, Punch, who was born on a Normandy beach, cows graze in the BG