By Capt. Beatrice B. Wacther Collection, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, , , , , , , , , ,

Two women sunbathe, while other personnel of the 51st Field Hospital relax at camp, either in Belgium or Germany in early fall 1944 [The 51st Field Hospital entered Belgium on September 9 and Roetgen, Germany on September 16]. Beatrice digs a foxhole. A soldier plays a violin and sings by a foxhole. 01:15:21 51st Field Hospital personnel pose for the camera. Ruins of buildings in the countryside. Pan across the landscape and the remains of buildings, including one still smoldering and an untouched church. Some civilians in BG as members of the corps pose and walk toward the camera. Pan of an estate and gardens.;01:16:32 At dawn or dusk, caravan of vans bearing the Red Cross insignia and other military vehicles with soldiers waving to camera move along a road (dark shots)