11th US Armored Division Advances

The 11th US Armored Division’s advances through England, France, and Germany. Includes scenes of burning villages, surrendering enemies, tanks in fields.;Black and white: US Army headquarters in England, pan of buildings. Skyline, factory, US soldiers on boat. Woman bicycling on path. LS, from train, Southhampton waterfront, warehouses, Cherbourg harbor, countryside. 01:03:45 Handing cigarettes and candy to women on train. City, shops, traffic in Paris, dark. 01:04:56 Color: In Bestogne, civilians on dirt road, snow, military vehicles in field, postwar destruction, dead animals, makeshift grave. 01:06:38 Prisoners marching on small road. Pan, fields, tanks, town, landscape. 01:08:50 Black and white: Ruins, piles of rubble. 01:11:26 US soldiers in town, tanks, ruins, traveling on road, smoke columns rising in BG. 01:14:09 German soldiers marching in columns along road with US tanks at right, smoke columns. 01:15:29 German civilians surrender in Weiden, Germany, with white flag. Prisoners (Russian?) walking on road. 01:16:23 German soldiers begin walking on road. More scenes taken from roadside, abandoned train