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Wayside Inn Collection

Northeast Historic Film, Wayside Inn Collection

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Blindfolded man follows blindfolded boy around a table in middle of seated audience. Intertitle: “WALTZ CIRCLE” followed by couples dancing (waltzing) and a shot of the musicians playing. Intertitle: “THE LANCERS” followed by shot of lancers dancing. Intertitle: “OBSTACLE RACE” followed by shot of men putting on layers of clothing, and carrying various objects in relay race. Intertitle: “THE MINUET” followed by shot of young couples dancing the minuet. Intertitle: “STEVE BRAY’S ORCHESTRA” followed by shot of orchestra playing while couples dance. Intertitle: “BETWEEN DANCES” followed by shot of men and women, girls and boys, sitting around the room talking. Boys serve refreshments and couples dance again. Intertitle: “CHRISTMAS PLAY BOYS SCHOOL DECEMBER 23, 1932.” followed by cast cards with pictures [timestamp on reference videotape blocks names of cast members]. “Francis _____: The Sheriff”;“Wallace _____: The Monty”;“Ralph Del__risco as The Killer”;“Elizabeth Kirkland – The Girl.” Footage of students putting on play. Dancing. Intertitle: “CIDER AND DOUGHNUTS” followed by students eating and drinking. Intertitle: “MR. HANNA” followed by shot of a man in costume. Intertitle: “FRANCES HANNA” followed by shot of young woman dressed as a witch. Intertitle: “THE KIRKLANDS” followed by a shot of a man, woman, and little girl in costume. Children in costume. Two children are in black face. Intertitle: “MR. AND MRS. JAMES CAMPBELL” followed by shot of man and woman in costume.

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Sudbury, MA
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Northeast Historic Film

Northeast Historic Film

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