Sightseeing in Switzerland and Italy


June-July 1927

Carl Henry Levy

Carl Henry Collection

Carl Henry Collection, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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June 27-29, 1927. Lucerne, Switzerland, views of the lake of Lucerne. 01:30:49 The Palace Hotel with mountains in BG. Covered bridge and the marketplace at Lucerne. Street scenes, bicycles, pedestrians crossing a bridge, Swiss flag on a building. Very brief CU of Carl. Lakeside views as the family travels to the Rigi tourist mountain with a cog railway. Brief MS of train at station.;01:32:19 June 29 to July 1, 1927. MS, Lake Como. Family members on a boat in Italy on Lake Como. Lakeside buildings, flag waving in wind on boat.;01:33:05 July 1-6, 1927. Hotel Excelsior at Lido Beach near Venice where the Levy family stayed for five days. The group poses together. At Piazza San Marco, Dora Hartman and August Levy feed the pigeons. Drinking and eating at an outdoor restaurant on an island nearby where glass and lace are made, street scenes. Gondolas along the canals in Venice. 01:35:20 Gondola ride. Lido Beach. Family at cabana. Ornate buildings at Piazza San Marco in Venice. View of the famous sights from a motorboat trip around the canals, including the Rialto bridge.;01:38:38 July 6-8, 1927. Aerial view of Florence, Italy, including Il Duomo.;01:39:02 July 8-13, 1927. The Colosseum in Rome. Sightseeing in Rome. 01:40:18 Ruins at Tivoli, the summer home for Roman emperors and Italian aristocracy. Waterfall. City of Tivoli. 01:41:17 Gardens of the Villa d'Este estate with fountains. 01:43:03 Roman forum. Ruins. City views taken from the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, first king of unified Italy, completed in 1925. Pan of the marble monument building. Robert Levy on the steps of the monument. Pan of church on the outskirts of Rome. Equestrian monument to Garibaldi. 01:45:56 Long aerial view of Rome including the Vatican and St Peter's Basilica. 01:46:16 Trevi Fountain. Closer view of St. Peter's Basilica exterior. Very brief glimpse of automobile

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Florence, Italy;Lucerne, Switzerland;Rome, Italy;Switzerland;Vatican City;Venice, Italy
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