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Solomon Sir Jones

National Museum of African American History and Culture Collection, Solomon Sir Jones

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A 16mm silent, black and white film (a) with original metal film reel (b) and original metal film can (c) featuring footage taken in Oklahoma during the middle and late 1920s by Solomon Sir Jones, the ninth in a collection of nine films. On the outside center of the metal can is a yellow label for Safety Film produced by the Agfa Ansco Corporation. Handwritten on the label in black ink is the inscription [S.S. Jones - Reel - OK]. Handwritten on a white adhesive label is [Funerals - KNIGHTS / JONES OKL]. The film begins with brief footage of men walking beside a passenger train. The next scene shows men coming out of a house and carrying a casket. Two men stand at the bottom of the stairs with poles lifted in the air and crossing. There is a funeral procession with a band playing instruments on the way to the church. The band is followed by the hearse and a long line of cars. People line the street as the procession passes by. The camera shows the interior of the church, and then shows women carrying flowers out of the church followed by other funeral attendees and the pallbearers carrying the casket. There is another procession to the cemetery. The footage shows the graveside service and the casket being lowered into the ground. The next scene shows men standing outside of a storefront talking and laughing. They cross the street. The next scene shows a hearse drive by and a funeral procession. The funeral procession proceeds down a street with people and cars. There are also horses pulling carriages and wagons with people in them.

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Oklahoma, United States, North and Central America
10 minutes
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National Museum of African American History and Culture
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National Museum of African American History and Culture

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