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Solomon Sir Jones

National Museum of African American History and Culture Collection, Solomon Sir Jones

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A 16mm silent, black and white film (a) with original plastic film reel (b) and original metal film can (c) featuring footage taken in Oklahoma during the middle and late 1920s by Solomon Sir Jones, the fourth in a collection of nine films. Inscribed on the outside of the canister in black ink is [#4 / See List]. Handwritten inscriptions on three white adhesive labels read: [Naomi's Father Pictures / Jones], [Country Baptism 4], and [Big City - Dallas? / STC RES], partially illegible. On the center of the can are remnants of a green and white label on top of an imprinted design. The film begins with shots of portraits of two young men. The next scene shows a street with houses and a smoke stack in the background. A sign in a window advertises a large group baptism and moving picture, perhaps meaning that S.S. Jones will be filming the baptism. The next scene shows a long procession of the people who will be attending and participating in the baptism. Those that will be baptized are wearing white clothing. The scene after the procession shows a church and some men in uniform standing in a line in the street. There is more footage of a different church in a rural area. There is another processing from the door of the church with those attending and participating in the baptism. Similar to the earlier procession, the crowd walks directly in front of the camera. The next scene shows the people standing on the shore of a small pond. Those that are to be baptized are led out into the water and are baptized by one of the three priests standing in the water. The footage then shows a commercial storefront of a grocery and meat market and store employees bringing products out in front of the store. The footage includes storefronts, signs, and employees for several other businesses: real estate, undertaker and embalmer, barber shop, laundry, and a delicatessen. The next scene shows people leaving a church afar a funeral service. The casket is carried out followed by a large crowd from the church. The footage of the funeral includes the graveside service and the casket being lowered into the ground. The last scene briefly shows a large house with a stone wall.

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Oklahoma, United States, North and Central America
12 minutes
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National Museum of African American History and Culture
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National Museum of African American History and Culture

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