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Intertitle: "Fire, 1938. Baker Farm";14:02- 15:48 Shots of farmhouse fully engulfed in flames, flames shooting out windows, then smoldering ruins of burned out building with chimney standing. Vertical scratches.;15:48-16:24 Fire aftermath, with people standing around, some salvaged furniture seen, and people packing items on truck to take away.;16:25-16:44 End of the fire, as framed walls of the house fall down.;Intertitle: "Bragg";16:44- 17:35 Farmhouse fire burning at night. Flames are bright against black background.;Intertitle: "Augusta";17:35-18:41 Underexposed shots of storefronts in Augusta, including a Singer store and a barber shop that advertises hat cleaning and shoe shining. Fireman climbs ladder and puts hose through window of second floor. Fire truck standing in front of a theater which is showing "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs." Street scenes with onlookers, hoses all over the street, and a sign on a building: "Quigg.";18:41- 21:40 Long shot of a forest fire on a mountain, then many close shots of flames in brush and trees. Some scratches throughout.;Intertitle: "Fire Line";21:41-22:35 Men with shovels try to tamp down a fire line. Others spray water(?) from hand-held sprayers. One man digs a fire line with a shovel.;Intertitle: "All Out"


Augusta, ME
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