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Views of a rocky shoreline with wave crashing over the rocks. In Battle Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, a small iceberg has been towed in, and pieces are hauled up onto the dock with a winch, then dragged to an icehouse to be stored and used for packing salmon for shipping to England and Canada. Views along the shoreline of the fishing village. Views of Bowdoin at anchor in a cove with motorized dories coming and going. One of the crew poses with a large fish (salmon?) on the stern of the boat. Views of the more than 25 schooners of the Newfoundland fishing fleet that took refuge in Assizes Harbor, Newfoundland, during a nor'easter that lasted five days in late June, 1934. The Bowdoin was moved from Battle Harbour to Assizes Harbor to ride out the storm. Views of fishermen rowing away from the Bowdoin in a large dory. Views from Bowdoin of large icebergs floating nearby. Inuit people in the village of Nain, Labrador, wait around outside a public building (church, school?). In the distance, small shacks can be seen with people around them. Some are in 'western' clothes with sealskin boots, but many men are in traditional jackets, pants and sealskin boots. The women and children enter the building as a group (many carry a book), followed by the men who enter as a group. View of Admiral MacMillan with three other non-Inuits, who may be from Hudson's Bay Company or may be Moravian missionaries. MacMillan poses with the two women and one man outside a gated fence to a small neat house. Nain is where MacMillan funded the MacMillan-Moravian School for the Inuit, and visited on earlier voyages. The group of Inuits exit the school building. Views of a special visitor to the Bowdoin, a man and his daughter (?) sit on the rear deck on the ship. He does not look Inuit, but more Native American. MacMillan poses with them on the deck, then one of the crewmembers shows them the pet snowy owl. Upon leaving, the two get in the Admiral's dory with the Admiral and a crewmember, and the Admiral himself and another young crewmember row the boat to shore. Shots of young women around a communal water well with their buckets near the school on shore. Views of a group of Inuits visiting the Bowdoin on a sunny day and posing for pictures with the crew. Visits by Inuit people happened at several ports that MacMillan had visited on previous voyages. Views of several dories being rowed back to shore each full of visitors to the Bowdoin. Some of the visitors hold up gifts that they were given on board. The village of white buildings can be seen in the background, including the church. Views of crew members fishing from the deck of the Bowdoin, reeling in fish almost as fast as they put a hook over the side. A box on the deck is full of wriggling fish. POV shots from the Bowdoin as she moves along a mountainous shoreline still partially covered with snow, and a few small icebergs floating by. POV shots of the ocean with ice floes and larger icebergs everywhere. POVs from the mast looking down on the bow of the ship as it navigates through ice floes. Crew members keep watch for icebergs and possible trouble. In several views. we see the stern of the ship. View from one mast to the other where we see a second crewman keeping watch for icebergs from aloft. In one shot, a Bowdoin crewmember takes photographs from the spreader on the mast, then shimmies down the mast to the deck.

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Battle Harbour, NL, Canada; Assizes Harbor, NL, Canada; Nain, NL, Canada
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