[Joshua W. Curtis, Jr. - home movies] Reel 3


Joshua W. Curtis Jr. Collection

Joshua W. Curtis Jr. Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Girls stand outside brick building. Boats on river. Children camping and excitedly jumping up and down. Chickens and goats in barn. Men unsuccessfully attempt to extinguish truck fire. Plane flies in the sky. The fire department arrives at the scene of a small cabin in flames. Zoo scene. Monkeys on the coast. Crocodiles by the water. Bear in a cage. Peacocks caged. African American man on wharf fishing. Palm trees. Man poses with oranges. Top of cathedral. Scenic shots of water, palm trees and geese in front of cathedral. Pelicans on river. Man embraces woman. Group of men and women inspect boats on dock. People walking on shore, and birds flying against waves. Woman riding an ox on the beach. Car drives through the coast. Man walks down hill. Dolphins come to boat. Underwater coverage of manatee, sea turtle, schools of fish, and scuba diver. Man herds crocodiles together. Boats on the water. Old cabins on a field. Duck with ducklings on the water.


Searsport, ME; Florida
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Northeast Historic Film

Northeast Historic Film

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