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Title cards;Bergen - Quaint streets of a busy fishing port;Oslo - Stavekirke - Built without nails;Old Norwegian Village;Stockholm, Sweeden [sic]. The New City Hall.;Russia Canal to Leningrad;Lumber Yards - On the Dock;Peterhof Palaces and Gardens with Beautiful Fountains, Peasents [sic];Leningrad -- Alexander II Palace Memorial Church;In Norway, the camera follows Mrs. Levy through mostly deserted streets.;Russian (USSR / Soviet Union) footage shows lots of fountains and street vendors, from whom the;Levys purchase food.;0:03:48 In Sweden, couple dance outdoors as violinists play, Swedes in;traditional clothing;0:04:25 Russia, on canal to Leningrad, steamship goes by, pan of docks and;ships, band on ship playing;0:05:11 Peterhof Palaces, many shots of fountains, some good;0:10:35 Memorial Church, Leningrad;0:11:11 Alexander II Palace, soldiers marching in front;0:13:59 Russian woman sweeping Red Square, the Kremlin;0:14:39 title card reads: "Russian street scenes, typical natives, decaying;buildings", good footage of generic non-touristy russian life;shots of kids, man walking with bouquet of flowers, horse and;carriage, 360 degree pan of Moscow, brief but good shot of funeral;procession, excellent shot of drunk on sidewalk, getting up and;tring to walk straight;0:18:11 title card reads: "Moscow, The Kremlin Wall, Red Square, Lenin's;Mausoleum" tomb, VS of Kremlin and Red Square;0:19:54 vs of Tallin (Reval), Finland, Nicoli Church;0:21:34 vs of Copenhagen, Denmark, good generic street scenes of the city;lots of people riding bicycles;0:22:13 Town Hall Square, more shots of people on bicycles;0:23:11 Geifon Fountain;0:23:26 Danish Royal Guardsmen, Fredricks church?;0:23:55 flower cart stand

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