Destruction in Magdeburg


May 1945

Tony Brooke

Tony Brooke Collection

Tony Brooke Collection, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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General views of destruction in Magdeburg. MS man walks bicycle past rubbled facade of buildings, pan left across street to more damaged building frames. MS of smashed streetcars. MCU tilt up damaged building frame, deep blue sky. LS through rubble strewn passage, large steel cylindrical structure in BG. 01:07:03 The Brabag "Gasometer" in Magdeburg. 01:07:14 LS down cleared street, darker exposure, man on bike comes toward camera, pan of more rubble. 01:07:31 back to brighter exposure, more of same with water pump in FG, can see buildings or homes in BG that are intact, chimneys standing. 01:08:02 LS two US Army jeeps come down cleared street. MCU of damage to front of building, shots of devastation. 01:08:42 LS people out in street walking, riding bikes amidst damage. 01:08:47 The top of Walloner Church. CU of damaged segments of buildings including remnants of stove or furnace. 01:09:08 LS, the Reichsautobahn A2 highway in the Magdeburg area, couple on bikes, shot of bridge overpass. Ambulance with Red Cross goes by. 01:09:35 MLS two truckloads of men who appear to be civilians, cannot tell if military in shot are American or Russian. Pan right to crane, RR tracks and view of river and town in BG. 01:09:48 Another damaged building. LS intersection in town, covered truck, soldiers walk by. 01:10:05 LS across water long line of people are making their way across the pontoon bridge across the Elbe River and continuing along tree lined road. 01:10:15 MS planes with German markings at the AGO Flugzeugwerke at Oschersleben/Bode - airfield, damaged hangar, pan of planes (including the last built Focke Wulf A-8 fighters). 01:10:41 MS GI in jeep rides up to plane parked outside in field and climbs up to cockpit. MCU of him reaching into cockpit, smiles, climbs down. 01:11:08 Bombed hangar, other damage, MLS of collapsing and twisted metal rods of main assemply hall with red brick walls. CU of Nazi eagle and swastika insignia and carved German word

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Elbe River, Germany;Magdeburg, Germany
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