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Hodgkin, Clayton and Laura Collection

Clayton and Laura Hodgkin Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Mount Washington in New Hampshire, including people standing on the peak and a sign for the Polar Caves. Benson Animal Farm in Hudson, NH, including Mary and Clyde Hodgkin feeding swans and flamingoes, emus, deer, a zebra and bear cubs playing and a child riding a giant turtle. Mary, Clyde and their mother Laura at York Beach, ME. Douglas and Phyllis Hodgkins’ Volkswagon Beetle. Horses and cows in a field. Mary and Clyde riding the family pony, Tawny, intercut with Clyde petting two cats in a barn and Lily riding a horse. A Brownie troop taking turns riding on a pony, playing in the yard and on a spinning wheel. A rainbow. Mary laying down with Tawny. Two boys working on a 1963 Chevrolet. Two young girls riding a pony cart. Horses in the snow behind the Hodgkin household in Lewiston, ME. Footage of a ski resort, including the lodge, the crowd, Mary and Laura skiing, two horses fighting, the parking lot and a sign that reads, “We are happy to see you here!” People riding horses and pulling each other in pony carts, including neighbors of the Hodgkin family. Mary and Clyde in a horse drawn carriage. The Dairy Parade in Lewiston, ME, including riders on horseback, cars, floats, marching bands, majorettes, horse drawn carriages and Mary dressed as a cowgirl riding Tawny. People walking through the snow at Russell Meade’s camp in New Hampshire. Clyde on crutches and dancing on one leg. People raking a yard. A girl riding a horse. Squirrels and chickens in a garden. A calf in a field eating grass through a fence. Forest and Scott Soper at the Hodgkin household posing in their caps and gowns for their graduation from Lewiston High School. People skiing at Bells Farm in Lewiston, ME. People in costumes riding decorated horses at a horse show. Horses in a field. Andrew Hodgkin’s first birthday, including Andrew sitting in a high chair looking at a large cake with one big candle in it. Notes on can: “62-65 VII” Donor Notes: All names and the majority of the locations come from the donor’s notes. Please refer to them for further information.

Lewiston, ME; Rumney, NH; Mt Washington, Sargents, NH; Hudson, NH; Cape Neddick, ME
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