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Hodgkin, Clayton and Laura Collection

Clayton and Laura Hodgkin Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Laura and Clyde Hodgkin holding baby Mary Hodgkin. Laura, Forest, Clyde and Mary Hodgkin on the beach at Range Pond in Poland, ME. People playing outside at the Additon Family reunion. A tree downed as a result of a hurricane crushing a few cars. Clyde, Forest and their neighbors David and Donald Kidder playing on a swing set. Forest and Clyde pulling and pushing Mary in a sled in the snow. The Hodgkin family posing in their Sunday clothes on their way to church, including Brian playing with the family collie, Penny. Laura, Clyde and Marilyn Rathbun on swing sets. Clyde, Mary and Penny in a garden. Laura, Clyde, Forest and Mary outside, including Mary chasing Lucky the duck. Brian and his siblings posing after his graduation from Junior High School. The Hodgkin family on the beach at Mt. Blue State Park, ME, including a man carrying two kids on his shoulders. Clayton and Mary on the beach at Small Point, ME. A few shots of Rangeley Lake, ME. The Hodgkin children playing in the sand on the beach at Reid State Park, ME. The Hodgkin Family with Russell, Joanne and Jeffery Meade at Cape Elizabeth, ME. The Hodgkin family at Morrison Heights in Winthrop, ME. Pumpkins outside the Hodgkin house. Christmas, including the family eating, Mary at the piano and dancing, Mary, Clyde and Forest making a human train, Clayton’s parents Irving and Nora Hodgkin, Clayton’s nephews Irving and John Hodgkin, Mary and Clayton in the bathtub and bedtime for the Hodgkin children and Penny. Notes on can: “#2 1954-55-56” Donor Notes: All names and the majority of the locations come from the donor’s notes. Please refer to them for further information.

Poland, ME; Lewiston, ME; Weld, ME; Mt Blue State Park, Phillips, ME; Small Point, ME; Rangeley, ME; Georgetown, ME; Reid State Park, Georgetown, ME; Cape Elizabeth, ME; Winthrop, ME
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