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Naples Historical Society Collection

Naples Historical Society Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Footage of the National Mall in Washington D.C., including the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Footage of George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens. A few shots of a horse- driven mill amidst the hay. A few shots of dilapidated wooden buildings. A few shots of the ruins of a fort. A few shots of streets. A few shots of a farm, including workers spraying crops. A shot of an estate house. A shot of the horizon at dusk. Footage of large boats on the water, including a ferry docking. A few shots of flowers and trees in a garden. Footage of a pelican, including people feeding it. A few shots of the sun setting on a shore line. Footage of large, ornate buildings and a garden, including a sundial on a monument. A few shots of workers in a field. A shot of the surrounding landscape. Footage of the Kentucky Military Institute in Venice, FL, including a marching band and cadets marching in formation. Footage of the foliage and flowers in the garden and around the gates of a lodge, including a woman looking at some flowers. A few shots of people on the porch of a house. Footage of a citrus orchard, including people picking grapefruit. Footage of greyhound races. A shot of a building. Notes on can: “Fla. No. 1”

Washington, DC; Mount Vernon, VA; Venice, FL
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