[Charles S. Houston—home movies] Reel 69

1953, 1967-1979

Charles S. Houston Collection

Charles S. Houston Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Reel 69 contains footage that was used for Charles S. Houston’s series of talks, “Fifty Years of Going Higher,” which relates to a study on the effects of high altitude on human physiology. Footage of a cargo plane landing at an airfield and being unloaded by soldiers, including a jeep being driven off of the plane. Footage of a fixed-wing aircraft taking off from an airfield, landing in the snow, being unloaded and turned around, intercut with a few shots of mountains taken from within an aircraft. Two shots of people hiking through the snow. A shot of a man with some scientific equipment. Footage of people setting up a camp in the snow. A shot of a mountain followed by a shot of porters hauling gear and supplies. A few shots of some of the members of the 1953 American expedition to K2, including Robert Craig, Charles S. Houston, Peter Schoenning and Arthur (Art) Gilkey. Footage of a campsite, including men unloading supplies, getting into their tents and eating, a man sketching a nearby mountain and a group shot of the climbers. A few shots of mountains followed by footage of men hiking and climbing mountains. A shot of a man digging a tent out of the snow. Footage of men using pulleys to get their gear up the side of a mountain. A few shots of tents in the wind and snow and a few shots of men climbing a mountain. A few shots of mountains, one of which has a route superimposed over it. Footage of a campsite, including a man with frostbite on his feet. Footage of men building a memorial to Art Gilkey and paying their respects. A few shots of George Bell being carried down a mountain on a stretcher. Donor Notes: "Logan & K2 (50 Years Going Higher edit)"

; K, Pakistan; Mount Logan, Canada
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