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Hinds, Charles B. Collection

Charles B Hinds Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Portland Country Day School;Baseball with adults, informal. Elms in background. Some in jacket and tie. People watch from bench. Pan of players. More high jump. Shotput. Three toddlers. Three men. (Charming juxtaposition.);Row of men and boys seated on ground. Some wrestle and pester each other. Long jump. Baseball. Construction sequence at 46:58-47:45 Hamlen House, December 1926 (from Charles B. Hinds notes);Men shovel into wheelbarrow. Construction workers busy. Making cement. Client comes out. Man in sweater vest explains. December 1926, 27 Chadwick Street, Portland. (from Charles B. Hinds notes);Children shoveling snow off area to make rink? Chauffeur in hat helps. Long pan of monumental buildings and pedestrians. Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition of 1926 in Philadelphia (Very heavy scratch on and dirt top and bottom.) Fountain. Carnival ride. "To the fight" sign on open trolley with passengers. Probably September 23, 1926, at Sesquicentennial Stadium: Gene Tunney defeated world heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey.

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