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Camp Runoia Collection

Camp Runoia Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Team of girl campers sits on bench on field. Another team huddles together on opposite side of field. Girls play baseball. Girls walk in bathing suits. Girls jump into the water and play. Girls walk to get canoe on shore. Girls canoe. Women and girls on upper deck watch fishermen on lower deck sift through their catch. Man in white suit and hat rows girls in rowboat. More girls row. Girls in swim suits walk into shallow water. Girls stand on deck. Girls ride horses. Girls in blue uniforms put up flag. Girls carry ladder and chairs away. Girls swim and canoe. Girls dive into water. Girls sit and stand next to sailboats. Girls play tennis. Girl rides a horse. Play in field. Perform in animal costumes in circle. Men stack hay on wagon. Girls hop on wagon for hayride. Dog runs through lawn. Girls walk through trail in uniform. Girls climb out on deck on top of water. Girls dive into water and other girls canoe.


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