[Alexander Forbes—home movies] Reel 4, Accession 1902


Forbes, Irving Collection

Forbes, Irving Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Box label: "Quaboag River, May 1935 Kayaking and canoeing, rapids.";The Quaboag River is a whitewater Class III and features several named rapids.;Views of fast-running Quaboag River with a kayaker trying to make way through rough water past the camera. A canoe with two people working hard with paddles comes through the same white water. A view of three boys standing on the shore watching the canoeists and kayakers.;Another view of the same two canoeists making another run through the whitewater.;View of single kayaker coming through the whitewater. View of a canoe with the same two paddlers capsizing at the side of the river, then righting the canoe and putting it back in the water. They try a second run on that side of the river and get a bow full of water going through the whitewater. They beach the canoe. A woman replaces one of the men, and paddles off. View of another canoe with a man and woman in calmer waters.


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