[Alexander Forbes—home movies] Reel 21, Accession 2241


Forbes, Irving Collection

Forbes, Irving Collection, Northeast Historic Film

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Box notes: " 1952- Charlotte & dog in Milton;pond in woods;Naushon;people at Upper Wharf;big Fisherman's Island picnic - blown down trees." Charlotte plays with dog in the garden in Milton. Iris is in bloom, so it must be spring. The dog, a Corgi, is being taught to "kick" a ball. Charlotte jumps off a dock in a pond in the woods. An adult female sits on the dock with her. A horse-drawn wagon on the Upper Wharf at Naushon. A minister in clericals carries his luggage and loads it onto a horse-drawn cart. Charlotte and two adult women sit on ground having a picnic. Other picnickers gather driftwood for fire, and gather around to build the fire. A large group of picnickers has gathered. Views of kids playing on the beach and in the surf. (Charlotte could be Charlotte Goodhue, daughter of Alexander's daughter Katherine)


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